Wordpress Website

We offer you a complete WordPress Website through three packages, advanced SEO, responsive design, upgrade and

optimization of WordPress.

What we offer

Making Website

Website Themes

We’ll install a premium WordPress theme and make it look beautiful

Web Plugins

We’ll install must-have plugins for you, no matter what package you choose

eCommerce websites

We create online eCommerce websites using Woocommerce. From clothing to sports equipment


Our website has 100% Mobile and tablet friendly design


Modules for all your website

Whether you need a blog, slider, photo gallery, contact form, or testimonials on your new website, all that and more can be implemented on your new website.


What You Get


SSL certificate

 With all plans, you get the SSL certificate on the server, which is required to keep your new website’s web connection secure.



All websites contain everything according to EU regulation related to GDPR data protection, embedding cookies on the web site


On website we add keywords and page descriptions, and setup advanced SEO. additional analytics in Google Analytics.

Web Hosting

For all our plans the next year you will have free hosting on a private server.

Fully Responsive

Choosing over 140 different WP Themes

When you order a WordPress site, we will send you WP Themes to choose from the 140 available themes for your new website.


Choose A Plan That Works For You

We offer you a complete WordPress Website through three packages


Whether you have a question about features, pricing, website themes, custom email or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions